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Key Points To Buying A Home

We Always Recommend That You Be Pre-Approved Prior To Beginning Your Home Search. The Reasoning Behind That Is You Know What You Can Afford And Having A Pre-Approval Makes Your Offer Stronger When We do Find A House That you Love!

After You Have Been Pre-Approved, We Will Get You Setup On A Home Search Of Which Will Match Your Perfect Homes Criteria. Homes Will Be Sent ASAP, So We Never Miss A New Listing To Go View.

When We Find The Perfect Home We Would Write An Offer And Negotiate Out Terms. Then We Have An Effective Date That Starts The Clock Round For Earnest Money To Get To Title Company (2), Inspection (10) And We Are On Are Way To The Set Closing Date!

Step 4: Inspections

Per Contract We Have 10 Days (Can Be Changed) To Hold Any Type Of Inspections In. In The Inspection Period You Can Accept The House As Is, Renegotiate Terms Of The Contract (Price or Repairs), Or Cancel Out Of The Contract.

Step 5: Appraisal

We Will Arrange For An Appraiser To Provide An Independent Estimate Of The Value Of The Home You’re Buying By Comparing It To Similar Homes Sold Over The Year Around The Home You're Buying. It Allows The Lender To Know If There Are Any Repairs Necessary To Get The Loan Or If The Home Is Worth The Value Of The Loan.

Step 6: Final Walk-through

A Day Or Two Prior To Closing, We Will Go See Home One Last Time To Make Sure Everything Is The Same And Nothing Was Damaged In The Move Out. Also To See All The Items Were Fixed Or Replaced Off Of The Resolution.

Step 7: Closing

You Have Made It! You Will Sign The Final Documents And Receive The Keys To Your New Home!

Buyer's Process Printout

All Steps Written Out In A Printable Handout.

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Please Note: this is one of are recommended lender, but we can give more options if you would like to compare. 

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